tulum hotel scuba diving: turquoise waters, amazing food

Are you planning a holiday in tulum hotel scuba diving or tulum hotel with international restaurant? Then read about Jashita Hotel and you will receive all the information you need.

S.C.U.B.A. (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, but now commonly accepted as a single word, scuba) diving is an underwater diving tecnique in which a gas (normally, compressed air) is carried by the diver, making it possible for him/her to stay in the water much longer. Usually swimfins are used for underwater propulsion.

Scuba diving in the sea is always a lot of fun, but doing it in the wonderful waters of the Mexican Caribbean is definitely an amazing experience, and that is why choosing Jashita Hotel of Tulum as your tulum hotel scuba diving is the best thing you can do! Swimming while tropical colourful fish are all around you in the turquoise waters of Soliman Bay, right in front of the hotel, is fantastic, cause the bay is protected and here you can swim all year round.

You would never want to get out of the water, but when you do there are so many great outdoor activities waiting for you, such as:
  • playing golf in the beautiful courses of the area;
  • go fishing for the best catch;
  • walk among the ruins of a beautiful Mayan village;
  • go trekking and enjoy the incredible biodiversity of the local wildlife.
When the evening comes and you feel like having a great dinner, then Jashita Hotel is also a fantastic tulum hotel with international restaurant. All our delightful dishes will be waiting for you, so that you can taste local specialties as well as other dishes from everywhere in the world, prepared by our professional cooks.

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