The CAOBA SPA & Yoga Studio at Jashita


Welcome to Jashita Caoba Spa where you can relax, be present and let your stress roll away by the sound of the sea.

Our Spa is positioned amongst the tree tops overlooking a private lagoon in the remote jungle which you cannot see from anywhere else.
Our focus is to ensure that you are able to completely disconnect and immerse yourself into the nature and total bliss of the surrounding area while indulging in our Spa services.

Now, please, relax and enjoy!

Relive the Therapies of our Mayan Ancestors, fill yourself with energy and share the magic while we pamper you at "SPA CAOBA"

Maya Ancestral Massage
Start with a Mayan Purification, and enjoy our Healing Hands, an energetic massage using our native oils, balance the mind and soul, and rearrange the energies in your being. Continue with an Herbal Bath, rest in a bathtub made of mahogany, and feel how a thousand-year-old tree embraces you and connects the energy throughout your body.
110 min. / 330 USD

Mukul Massage
This amazing treatment begins with a Mayan Purification, and continues with a few sacks of healing herbs heated to steam, helps you detoxify, releases muscle tension and strengthens the joints, the therapist will apply the technique of shiatsu with the sacks, followed by a massage for balance.            
90 min. / 220 USD

Kukulkan Massage
Therapy inspired on Kukulkan known as feather snake, begins with meditation and a Mayan Ceremony seeking to connect with the energy of the sacred animals, helps you reflect your life to break with ties from your past, offering pleasant moments of your life and to transcend like the Kukulkan. Eagle, Jaguar, Water, Air and Fire.Continue with an Herbal Bath, rest in a bathtub made of mahogany, and feel how a thousand-year-old tree embraces you and connects the energy throughout your body   
130 min. / 330 USD

Land is my body, water my blood, wind my breath and fire my soul. Reconnects with you heart and feel the energy of four directions of universe, celestial jicara and mother earth, Our guard of tradition will take you a journey to you rself with helps of copal, herbs, songs and botanic therapies.  
60 min. / 150 USD

This treatment is inspired by the Mayan medicine which is called Luuk’ in the Mayan language. It is known to offer healing and beneficial effects on the skin and joints which can heal sunburn, skin lesions and insect bites. The clay is applied all over the body and will remain for 20 minutes while you receive a delicious acu-pressure on the head, face and neck. This ritual will end with a relaxing aromatherapy massage using oils from the native region.
160 min. / 330 USD

Mayan Cacao
Enjoy the benefits of the Mexican cacao which is rich in antioxidants and balances the skin. The cacao or cocoa is the main ingredient in this treatment paired with additional natural oils leaving your body feeling refreshed and moisturized. We begin with a body scrub followed by a mud -massage and ending with the application of smooth alcarite butter .
160 min. / 330 USD per person

*All Rituals are available for individuals or couples which include shower bath, steam room and jacuzzi with fruit and sparkling wine or organic juice or tea.

Relaxing the nervous system this traditional Swedish massage will allow your body to release stress and tension in the muscles while sending your mind into a deep state of relaxation.

50 min. / 130 USD - 80 min. / 150 USD

Mayan Renewal
Starting with traditional copal and albahaca scrub which is used to purify the mind, body and soul followed by the aroma of our essential oils. Ending with a full body relaxing massage.

80 min. / 195 USD

This aromatic treatment is focuses on balancing the nervous system with a full body massage using our custom essential oils.

50 min. / 130 USD - 80 min. / 170 USD

Deep Tissue
Our deep tissue focuses on releasing the tension in your muscles using a special gel and allowing your body to completely relax while loosening the structure of the muscles.

50 min. / 150 USD - 80 min. / 180 USD

Using a combination of techniques including lomi lomi, stretching, shiatzu, reflexology, deep tissue and swedish massage to find complete balance in the mind, body and soul.

50 min. / 150 USD - 80 min. / 195 USD

Honey & Oil
This treatment is focuses on removing the dead skin and preparing it to receive the nutrients of organic honey & oils that will keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

80 min. / 170 USD

Hot Stone
With the aromas of our natural oils, we massage your body using river stones    that are place in the most important energetic centers in the body to promote a natural flow of energy.

80min. / 180 USD

Aloe Vera
This is a treatment which uses a wrap and smooth massage with cold aloe vera throughout the body, especially in the areas most affected by the sun, to alleviate any pain and replenish the moisture in the skin.

80 min. / 160USD

A healing treatment that offers a body wrap with our native Mayan clay while relaxing with a  full body massage. This treatment also relieves sunborn, insect bites and skin lesions and is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and relieved.

80 min. / 160 USD

Aloe Vera Facial
A relaxing facial that is focused on restoring moisture and elasticity of the skin affected by the sun using natural products such as aloe vera and cream rich in vitamin E and also includes high frequency (aparatology).

50 min. / 90 USD

This facial is uniquely designed according to your skin type and includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam and aparatology.

228 USD

Men’s Facial
A facial that is specially designed for men using products that will help anti aging and minimize fine lines which will leave the face feeling replenished and moisturized.

190 USD

*All facials include hand, neck and feet massage.

Nail treatments

Manicure spa: 52 USD  |  Pedicure spa: 92 USD  |  Gel removal: 35 USD  |  French Polish: 40 USD  |  Polish change: 25 USD

19% Tax will be added if you pay with credit card. Cancellations are available 24hrs in advance. Cancellations done less than 24hrs will have 50% charge.