Welcome to Once Milano, the exclusive in-house boutique at Hotel Jashita. In the boutique, guests have the opportunity to feel for themselves the wonderful quality of the products, including Italian sheets and other textiles, all strictly made in Italy.
The exclusive boutique also offers exquisite items of traditional Mexican craftsmanship
The items on display are an accurate illustration of the culture and folklore of Mexico, with a blend of indigenous and European input. Mexico is traditionally the land of embroidery, weaving and braiding, with garments in natural fibres as bright and colourful as the country itself. 
In the Jashita shop you can buy a genuine piece of Mexico to take home, a souvenir from one of this country's wonderful artisan traditions. 
The Jashita boutique is an exclusive place where guests can safely buy fabrics and locally-made handcrafts that are high quality and very beautiful.