tulum resort last minute: do not miss the last chance

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Maya is possibly the most famous among the pre-Columbian civilisations; it settled in Southern Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula), Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and it lasted for over 3000 years. The pre-classical Maya periodo started around 1800 b.C. and and ended 1600 years later, whereas the classical period lasted more than 1000 years, until 987 AD. The post classical period ended in 1530, when their region was invaded by the European conquerors.
This civilisation had great knowledge of architecture, astronomy and maths, and it was extremely keen on afterlife and time studies - this one being the main reason why their prophecy about the end of the world in 2012 is so dreaded all around the world.

Imagine yourself in Jashita Hotel at Tulum, Mexico, the greatest tulum resort last minute. When you wake up the sun is already up and the sky is blue; there are no clouds and the turquoise sea is almost like a mirror of it. The temperature of the air is mild, and so is the temperature of the water: when you leave the amazing ocean view suite of your tulum hotel last minute and start swimming, surrounded by an incredible view and by tropical colourful fish, then you understand why you left the routine of your life and came here to Jashita Hotel.

Depending on your personal tastes, in the afternoon you may:
  • get a kayak and go paddling around;
  • relax in the spa of Jashita Hotel;
  • go and visit some of the well preserved Mayan villages of the area;
  • go snorkeling in the blue waters;
  • simply enjoy the beauty of doing nothing as you get tanned on the beach.
Stop dreaming, start choosing the dates!

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