tulum luxury accommodation: outdoor activities and great nature

What about a tulum luxury accommodation or a luxury tulum hotel? Here is all there is to know about Jashita Hotel, you will find it interesting.

In the Mexican State of Quintana Roo - where tulum luxury hotel is located -  the third most populous city after Cancun and Chetumal (state capital) is Playa del Carmen.
Cancun does have some great beaches, as well as some of the most famous resorts of the state, but with its over half a million inhabitants and its tall skyscrapers it is far from being a quiet place, neither it is possible to consider it a traditional, old style Mexican city.
Playa del Carmen, on the other hand, has no over-four-story buildings by law, in order to preserve the integrity of its traditional aspect. La Quinta Avenida, the central pedestrian street, is lively and full of shops, bars and restaurants.

Not far from Playa del Carmen, on a very quiet beach, lies Jashita Hotel, your favourite tulum luxury accommodation because:
  • the tropical scenario around it is amazing;
  • its additional services are specifically designed to improve your stay, ranging from hotel limousine with driver to personal assistant;
  • it is one of the most beautiful luxury tulum hotel;
  • it will provide you all the necessary equipment for snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking;
  • its suites have breathtaking views on the Soliman Bay, one of the most exclusive locations of the area.
Tulum itself, where tulum luxury accommodation Jashita Hotel stands, is a lovely village: walking in it's small streets you can still breath the real Mexican atmosphere, far from the mess of a large city and still not too distant from the lively bars of Playa del Carmen.

Do not hesitate any longer, spend the greatest holiday of your life at this tulum luxury hotel:!

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