luxury resorts tulum: a million reasons to choose Jashita Hotel

Planning a Mexican vacation in a luxury resort tulum? Lost in the million of luxury resorts tulum? Read the next lines about Jashita Hotel, they will be useful to help you choose.

Mexican food is popular everywhere and in each country of the world a Mexican restaurant can be found, but probably not so many people - when they think about Mexican cuisine - also think that many ingredients that nowadays are very common were actually brought back from this part of the New Continent and were not known before. Here are some examples:
  • maize, tomato and zucchini:
  • chocolate and vanilla;
  • avocado and sweet potato;
  • a large number of varieties of beans;
  • a large number of varieties of chilli peppers, including Jalapeno and Habanero.
Local food also includes very tasty vegetables like guava, chayote, nopal (young peeled prickly pear cactus), Jìcama (also called Mexican turnip) and mamey sapote.

To come and taste some of these, as well as some great international food, you can dine at Sahara, the International restaurant of a luxury resort tulum, Jashita Hotel.

Jashita Hotel is a great luxury resorts tulum, the ancient Mayan walled city located right on the coast of the Riviera Maya, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Great area for those who like outdoor activities, like playing sports, swimming and snorkeling, it is also perfect for archeology lovers as the amount of Mayan ruins is simply spectacular.

This high class luxury resort tulum will surprise you: quiet and relax can be enjoyed in the fantastic suites facing the peaceful bay, and before you fall asleep you can just close your eyes and listen to the sound of the breeze and to the songs of the tropical birds. Thanks to its mild temperatures, the Riviera Maya is a great holiday destination all year round, so simply decide if you prefer to escape from a cold winter or to take advantage of our special offers for the low season (from May to the first half of December).

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