rooms with a sea view tulum: a dream come true

 The most detailed and complete information about rooms with a sea view tulum are given by Jashita Hotels. Read it all about it to start planning your trip to the Caribbean Sea.

The Maya Riviera or Riviera Maya is a touristic mexican district along the Highway 307 in the Yucatan Peninsula, State of Quintana Roo. Once called "Cancun - Tulum Corridor", it actually goes from Playa del Carmen and Tulum, but now it includes also areas north of Playa (Puerto Morelos, Cancun) and South of Tulum (Felipe Carrillo Puerto). The main airport is in Cancun; tourism in the region is currently being further developed, because its beauty attracts more and more tourists from all over the world every year.

Beautiful, modern rooms with a sea view tulum can be booked at Jashita Hotel, a small boutique hotel at affordable rates and top comfort level: luxury available with modern extras (air conditioning, great interior style...) in a fantastic region of Southern Mexico, just in front of Cuba and the Cayman Islands. Come and try Sahara Cafe, our restaurant, because...
  • we have Italian, local and international dishes, and they are all so good!
  • the fish we cook is really fresh, caught on the same day and cooked for you;
  • our customers are always happy and never unsatisfied: just search for their reviews online and you'll start feeling hungry...
  • the view are just breathtaking, something you have never experienced before.
And after dinner you can just take a walk by the Soliman Bay and then get back to the comfort of your rooms with a sea view tulum and fall asleep, cuddled by a wonderful landscape. Every morning it will be hard for you to understand if you're still dreaming, cause Jashita Hotel is simply what you had always hoped for!

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