rooms in tulum: paradise on earth for you

If you are thinking about rooms in tulum for your next tropical holidays, then you are thinking of Jashita Hotel: read the next few lines and you will see why.

The Maya Civilisation is one of the most fascinating that ever happened to step on earth. The only pre-Columbian civilisation to have developed a written language, it also had a thorough knowledge of time, calendars, eclipses, planet movements - and that is why there is so much talk about the so called Maya prophecy for 2012. Even though it declined after its classic period and most of all aftern the Spanish invasions, the Maya people are nowadays present in the area of Southern Mexico, still speaking a language derived from ancient Maya.

Jashita Hotel has the right rooms in tulum with the ancient city of Tulum and its castle, built on a strategic position over a cliff, just a few kilometres nearby. Visiting it might be for you a source of inspiration, so you could also visit the other Maya sites in the area:
  • the ancient city of Coba;
  • Chichen Itza and its wonderful buildings, belonging to the UNESCO heritage list since 1998;
  • the site of Mayapan;
  • Uxmal and the beautiful pyramid of the magician.
On the other hand, the Maya Riviera is so famous in the world for the beauty of its beaches, and Jashita Hotel has the best rooms in tulum, in the wonderful Soliman bay in the Riviera, far from the messy resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen and still with all comforts available for you. You can take advantage of amazing facilities, including kayaks, fitness area, snorkeling equipment, a beautiful palapa on the beach just for you and a nice swimming pool.
You will enjoy them a lot, but most of all you will enjoy swimming and relaxing in the waters of the bay, protected by the coral reef, part of a real natural masterpiece.

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