room with air conditioning Tulum: diving, snorkeling and palapas

Dreaming of room with air conditioning Tulum? Jashita Hotel is what you're looking for, keep reading the following lines...

Located in the Yucatan peninsula, Tulum was a beautiful Mayan walled city that reached its height around the 14th century, before the Spanish settlers arrived and brought the local civilisation to an end. The ruins visible nowadays make the whole area extremely interesting; near Tulum it is possible to visit:
  • El Castillo (the Castle), guarding the see from the top of the cliffs;
  • the temple of the descending god;
  • the temple of the frescoes, a real masterpiece of the Mayan art, used for monitoring the movements of the sun.
Wonderful room with air conditioning Tulum is available now at Jashita Hotel, a fantastic hotel on a calm, protected turquoise bay on the coast near Tulum, only a few kilometers from the archeological sites. If you live in a city or even in a small but busy village, where traffic is always a nuisance, it is really impossible to understand how beautiful the landscape here can be, until you come and actually see it.

The room with air conditioning Tulum at Jashita Hotel will let you forget words like stress, busy hours and bad weather, and all that you have on your mind will be a fantastic sun, pristine nature, an unforgettable blue sea and breathtaking dawns. Can you actually imagine anything more charming than the sun rising on the Atlantic Ocean?  Like in a dream, you could then go snorkeling and diving in the calm, protected turquoise bay, surrounded by colourful tropical fish, formations of coral and even sea turtles -  all this, in every single month of the year!

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