luxury room in tulum: enjoy an incredible caribbean holiday

 Are you thinking of a luxury room in tulum? Read the next lines regarding Jashita Hotel, and all you want to do will be booking and jumping on the plane.

A cenote is a sinkhole connecting an underground waterbody to the surface. As in the Yucatan Peninsula there are just a few lakes and rivers and most of these are marshy, cenotes were the only source of freshwater for the local Maya populations and the main cities were built around these pools. Some of them are large (like the one in the famous site of Chichen Itza), others are much smaller. Their waters are usually transparent, free of sediments. The Grand Cenote (an underground system of caves) can be seen near Tulum, Quintana Roo.

A luxury room in tulum at Jashita Hotel is the best way to spend your days of fun and relax in the Maya Riviera. Just to give you an idea of what you will find, our double bedroom also includes:
  • chocolate, to give you a sweet welcome;
  • snorkel equipments and beach bag;
  • a fan on the ceiling and own air conditioning;
  • iPod station and wi-fi;
  • a wonderful Queen bed with precious linen from Italy.
If you want even more, then consider also other luxury room in tulum like our Honeymoon Suites, our Superior Deluxe Suites or the special Villa (accomodating up to 10 people), only available at Jashita Hotel.

INow maybe you are thinking that reaching this paradise is only a dream you can not afford, but that is not true at all: check our rates and you will be surprised! Our special offers will give you a further chance to be spoiled by a wonderful holiday in a wonderful part of Mexico, something you will always treasure as a special memory in your heart.

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