Lead by Nelo, every Tuesday and Friday at 5 PM.

For the Mayans Chak EK Chuah, English for The Spirit of Cacao was one of the most revered deities of the ancient Mayan culture. A drink also defined as the "Food of the Gods".

The Cacao Ceremony takes us on a spiritual journey of introspection in harmony with Mother Earth and the Great Spirit. It empowers us to open our hearts and sow an intention. Cocoa allows us to listen to our true selves, releasing blocks, emotions, and thoughts that we no longer want to carry with us. It is a moment of liberation and alignment with who we really are, leading us to be one with the universe. 

The context of the ceremony is an intimate space where the aromatic smoke of the copal, and the energy of the plants and seeds, will invite us to genuine liberation. Thus, allowing mental clarity and a deep state of relaxation and acceptance of the self.

RSVP at our front desk.

$90usd p/p


The land is my body, water my blood, wind my breath, and fire my soul. Reconnects with your heart and feel the energy of four directions of the universe, celestial jicara, and mother earth. Our guard of tradition will take you a journey to yourself with the help of copal, herbs, songs, and botanic therapies.

60 min - $150 USD