Stand-Up Paddle boarding

The wonders of the Soliman Bay can also be explored from a Stand-Up Paddle board: an enjoyable activity that's suitable for anyone and which has become extremely popular in the Riviera Maya in recent years. SUP involves paddling while standing on a surf-type board
The bay facing Jashita is truly a magical place, set between the lush tropical forest and a blue ocean that conceals a precious treasure: one of the world's most beautiful coral reefs.  

Why try Stand-Up Paddle-boarding? 

The sun, the sea breeze, the horizon between sea and sky: all these invite you to try SUP. The staff at Jashita Hotel will provide your board, and you can set out on a fun adventure to discover the Soliman Bay from a different angle. The only equipment you need is a sufficiently stable board, slightly larger than a surf board, and a paddle: a long oar used to move around. 
SUP is an enjoyable activity to add to your to-do list during your holiday at Jashita Hotel. 
Grab a board, a paddle and your sunglasses and set off on the calm waters of the bay; the clear water allows you to see all the colours of the coral reef and the fish species that live there. You'll be enchanted by the beauty of the coast and the lush tropical forest seen from a very special perspective, and the horizon in its infinite shades of blue.
SUP is an extremely simple sport and suitable for everyone, as well as an enjoyable alternative to snorkelling and scuba diving. With SUP you can spend your days in activity, surrounded by nature and savouring every precious minute of your holiday. 
Try it and enjoy the wonderful sense of freedom and the thrill of "walking on water" at a gentle pace: the ultimate way to experience this fabulous and very special place.