The fabulous Caribbean Sea can also be explored on board a kayak. For its guests, Jashita Hotel provides everything needed to try this sport in complete safety: 
  • Lifejackets;
  • Paddles for moving and steering the kayak, available in various lengths to suit individual size;
  • The kayak itself.
Kayaking has a fascinating history: it was originally used by Inuit people to cross the cold seas of the Arctic. The kayak was originally used for hunting and fishing; today it's one of the best ways of travelling in the warm waters of the Caribbean - an enjoyable activity for our guests, individually or in couples.
Kayaking is a kind of slow travel that follows the rhythm of nature. Exploring the Soliman Bay by kayak means you can appreciate every detail, every colour, scent and sensation of this incredibly beautiful place.
Kayaking is suitable for everyone; no particular physical training is needed and impact on the joints is low. 
Paddling the transparent waters of the bay allows you to examine the fabulous seabed, the colours of the coral and the fish that inhabit this extraordinary and unique ecosystem. 
What's more, kayaking reduces stress levels and at the same time tones muscles and firms the body.