Beach Bar

Late 2019 brought an incredible new feature to Jashita Hotel. The private beach has a fabulous new attraction. We're talking about the Beach Bar with swing seating. 
Opened in November 2019, the Beach Bar is constructed entirely in sapote wood (Pouteria sapota). 
The choice of sapote as building material is no accident. Sapote was a highly-valued tree in pre-Colombian civilisations; its fruits were called chachalhaas by the Mayas and tzapotl by the Aztecs. 
The sapote tree is a wonderful perennial plant which can reach a height of 45 metres, characterised by enormous leaves and fruit with delicious sweet flesh. 
The sapote is typical of the Yucatán Peninsula and its wood is renowned among experts in tropical woods. The surface of the wood is shiny and a gorgeous brown colour. And that's why the new Beach Bar at Jashita Hotel was built with this wood.

The bar and the swings 

The bar is built in a horseshoe shape, like a kind of theatre where the stage is none other than the superb views of this incredible bay.
And there's another fun and original feature: the swing seats, placed all around the bar. In these comfortable seats guests can sample a genuine Mexican margarita or another of the excellent cocktails suggested by our bartender. 
Lulled by the gentle swaying of the swings and the murmur of the waves on the shore, you'll think you must be dreaming...