The 13th century pre Columbian Mayan walled city situated on a 12mt cliff is located just 9 km from Jashita, a 5 minutes car ride and can also be reached by boat ready to leve from the hotel beach whenever you wish. It takes 20 minutes, and on the way many turtles and sometimes dolphins are easy to spot, snorkeling on coral reefs on the way back is a true beauty.


It is an easy 45minutes driving inland from Tulum, the road is all straight and you arrive to the other breathtaking mayan site of Coba, less touristic and in our opinion the most beautiful and mysterious of the archeological sites to visit. It is still allowed to climb the highest pyramid, truly worth it.


It is one of the most important archeological Mayan site of the Yucatan Peninsula, it dates back to ad 600 to 1200, in that frame period many different architectural styles can be found. It is located 2.5 hours drive from Jashita towards the beautiful colonial town of Valladolid, also worth a visit.