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Riviera Maya Vacation: Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing at Jashita

                                                      DIVING IN SOLIMAN BAY


Diving  and  snorkeling  in  front  of  Jashita  beach  is  an  experience
you can’t miss.   In front  of  the  beach  lies  a   spectacular   reef   that
runs  from  the  north  of  the  Yucatan  peninsula  down  to  Honduras.
Our bay  being  protected  by  a beautiful  reef   allows  you  to snorkel 
for  365  days  a year!   No  matter  if  outside the  sea is rough!  This is
why  Soliman  bay  is  so unique!       You  can  admire  beautiful  coral
formations,  swim  with  schools of tropical fish, lobsters, elegant eagle
rays  and  turtles  can  easily  be seen  in  the bay. We will organize for
you a great  diving,  fishing or snorkeling experience.  We want to give 
a very personal  and unique service, no  matter  if y ou  are  a single, a
couple or a group. And not far from  the hotel and  a few minutes drive,  
you have also the possibility to dive or snorkel in the most spectacular
cenote in the Yucatan. Take  a  look  at  the  photos and be ready for a  
breathtaking  experience.


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